Welcome to my first Pathfinder campaign, The Burning Skies of Appalachia. There will be two groups treading the dirt of Appalachia and Laramidia, two continents on the world of Iberion.

I will be in Alaska for the entire summer, but once I return, we can start talking about who will be in what group, and what days work best for others. I am so excited for this campaign.

I will be allowing any material from the Pathfinder Core Game. Anything else needs to be run by me ahead of time. This is solely for my sanity, so that I know the material well. For those of you that are new, don’t worry. I’d be happy to spend time with you to help you get down some of the basics before leaping headlong into a campaign, so just ask.

Below your names is a map of Appalachia and Laramidia. Just a teaser, to hold you off till the fall. I’ll see you all soon, and if you need to contact me for any reason, you can reach me on faceook, or hit me up via phone.

Kyle Mullins
Alex Craig
Kyra Betteridge
Erik Hasstedt
Aaron Shaw
Ian Patterson
Nataly Scheidt
Bryan Owen



The Burning Skies of Appalachia